by Reflect

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Recorded by Jack Muncaster
Mixed and mastered by Ross Pritchard (

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released December 1, 2015



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Reflect Manchester, UK

Manchester Straight

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Track Name: First to Fall
The loudest are the first to fall
to sell their beliefs, let pressure take its toll
You must form an opinion for yourself
Not the borrowed beliefs of someone else

Swim against the tide
Refuse to fucking hide
When its time to take a stand
Don't bury your head in the sand

All of this will go to hell
If you're too absent minded to tell
Change can't occur without help
Together we strive for something else

This common ground on which we stand
Is not a platform for some to gain the upper hand
We have built this on sincerity
its not a conduit to serve selfish needs

You preach of change, yet you turn your back
On this thing you once loved, now you only attack
For this to show progress, for this to grow
We must stand together, it;s time for us to show

Solidarity, sense of community
It's not too far gone, our mistakes can be undone
We'll reform not rebuild, potential fulfilled
I won't turn my back when its time, time for us to act
Track Name: Indifference
I swear these years pass by like days
Yet clarity still escapes
I can't decide where I'm supposed to be
When what I want is never what I need

I'm starting to feel lost
I fear I'm paying the cost
For my own indifference
My own arrogance

Time has forced me to embrace
The person I was, my past mistakes
I have fallen in and out of love
Endured the pains of growing up

Yet I'm still struggling to find
What makes me feel alive
Outside of these four walls
Self-doubt consumes all

The one thing that remains true
This clear mind can see me through
Whatever comes my way
Stomach the pain, shoulder the strain, I'm not alone
And I know that I'm always in control

I'm in control

I made this choice so I could be
Free from the shackles we tie around our feet
When we intoxicate and disconnect
the mind from the body, all sense from our fucking heads
But at the core we're all the same
we struggle through everyday
through the aches, through the pains
Just to find our way
To a dream we can't attain
Track Name: Down the Line
Used this crutch for far too long
It has blurred your vision on whats right and whats wrong
A passive puppet to your disease
A vice that brings you to your fucking knees

Too weak to stand
Too scared to think
Pushed close to the brink
Destroyed by drink

Can't bare to face the everyday
So you let the bottle numb away the pain
Now you forget who you once were
And the plight of all those that you've hurt

Too weak to stand
Too scared to think
Pushed close to the brink
Destroyed by drink

Abuse your body, abuse your mind
For a peace in life you'll never find
In the bottom of a bottle, the pills that you take
Years down the line you''ll still lie awake
Thinking where did time go? What do I need?
To stop me from feeling so incomplete
With this X on my fist I won't end up like this
The choices I make aren't governed solely by bliss
Track Name: Apathy
Open your eyes and you will see
Our lives are driven by fear and greed
But scream no more, make a change
Refuse to be just the same

You must see right fucking through
The lies we've used to misconstrue
The things we need, but what we do
Can change right here with me and you

Stuck in our selfish ways
but its not too late for us to make the change
We must open our minds, accept help
Start to think about more than just ourselves

We've been taught to live and never
Give back all we fucking take
we leave nothing in our wake

All we do is take and take
but its time for change

I can't stand what I see
Apathy rife like disease
This selfishness corrupts, it starts to decay
the bonds that held us close have begun to break