from by Reflect



Open your eyes and you will see
Our lives are driven by fear and greed
But scream no more, make a change
Refuse to be just the same

You must see right fucking through
The lies we've used to misconstrue
The things we need, but what we do
Can change right here with me and you

Stuck in our selfish ways
but its not too late for us to make the change
We must open our minds, accept help
Start to think about more than just ourselves

We've been taught to live and never
Give back all we fucking take
we leave nothing in our wake

All we do is take and take
but its time for change

I can't stand what I see
Apathy rife like disease
This selfishness corrupts, it starts to decay
the bonds that held us close have begun to break


from Demo, released December 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Reflect Manchester, UK

Manchester Straight

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