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I swear these years pass by like days
Yet clarity still escapes
I can't decide where I'm supposed to be
When what I want is never what I need

I'm starting to feel lost
I fear I'm paying the cost
For my own indifference
My own arrogance

Time has forced me to embrace
The person I was, my past mistakes
I have fallen in and out of love
Endured the pains of growing up

Yet I'm still struggling to find
What makes me feel alive
Outside of these four walls
Self-doubt consumes all

The one thing that remains true
This clear mind can see me through
Whatever comes my way
Stomach the pain, shoulder the strain, I'm not alone
And I know that I'm always in control

I'm in control

I made this choice so I could be
Free from the shackles we tie around our feet
When we intoxicate and disconnect
the mind from the body, all sense from our fucking heads
But at the core we're all the same
we struggle through everyday
through the aches, through the pains
Just to find our way
To a dream we can't attain


from Demo, released December 1, 2015



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Reflect Manchester, UK

Manchester Straight

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